Pō Marie, Te Marama…

Goodnight, Moon…

Well, classes here at UC are officially over.  I had my last two yesterday – last biopsych lecture, and Te Reo Māori final exam.  I have never been so sad to finish a test, and not solely because it meant saying goodbye to Phil and Corban and Anton (if only all classes came with three attractive Māori tutors), which was heartwrenching enough in itself.  I’m really going to miss my classes here, and being at uni in general.  Even if (I mean WHEN) I come back to New Zealand someday, it won’t be as a college student and I won’t be studying here.  Going to classes was a big part of really living here, and it’s sad that those parts of the trip are ending!  I’ll only be on campus again for my couple of finals at the end of the month, so I was going through a sort of Goodnight Moon monologue in my head as I was walking back from Aotahi today…

Goodbye ancient psych building lift
Goodbye hazelnut lattes from Café 101
Goodbye karakia with Philly
Goodbye Monday lunches in the commerce building
Goodbye little Kiwis at daycare by the gym
Goodbye hazelnut lattes from Three-Sixty
Goodbye cool rainforest path under James Hight
Goodbye UCSA building
Goodbye death-defying dashes across Ilam Road
Goodbye hazelnut lattes from Brasilia

Last look at the School of Māori and Indigenous Studies

So many little details about my routine here that I’m going to miss!  Maybe I’ll put some more work into making it rhyme… anyway, on a more cheerful note, I’M GOING TO AUSTRALIA TOMORROW!  Montana and I are hitting Cairns to dive the Great Barrier Reef and Brisbane to visit a friend from Geneseo and go to an aboriginal music festival, and then I’m flying solo in Sydney for a few days.  It’s going to be sweet as – I’m really excited, but at the same time I almost feel guilty about spending a week and a half away from New Zealand!  Ah sorry, there I go again…

Jeez.  It’s gonna be a nostalgic few weeks.

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One thought on “Pō Marie, Te Marama…

  1. This is so sad!! I can’t believe you’re getting ready to leave already, I feel like you just go there! 1 semester doesn’t seem like enough!

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