The Beginning of the End

Where have I been… where have I been, where have I been?  Well, let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?  I was in Savannah for Christmas and New Year’s.  We had some rather cold weather and even snow on Christmas, but it warmed up toward the end.  We went to River Street, the Crab Shack, and Tybee Island.  I also reread Pride & Prejudice, researched grad school programs (ew), and watched quite a few Lifetime Christmas movies.  That’s the extremely short version, but it was a lovely holiday.

After Georgia, I was home for a blissfully relaxing five days.  Five was certainly not enough days, but it was better than having no days at all, eh?  Mostly, I cleaned… and cleaned, and cleaned, and organized, and cleaned.  Paul and I finished season three of Dexter, which was better than season two and at least as good as season one, I think.  I also gained some new knowledge.  You may know that Rasputin was a generally unlikeable fellow, but did you know that his hair was unkempt and dirty, his beard was unkempt and dirty, HE was generally dirty, and people said he smelled?  Well, this is the sort of historical gem that you could expect to gain by watching a documentary on Lord of the Rings, as Amity and I did one fine Thursday.  We also watched one on J.K. Rowling and that one quite outdid the first.  Apart from all that, I did not much remarkable at home other than discover the absolute splendor that is dehydrated milk.  I was very distraught one morning upon pouring my cereal and then realizing we were out of milk, but then my mom offered to make me some… and a beautiful partnership was born.  I think I will only have dehydrated milk in my room for the rest of the year.  It’s so much easier, and it’s what the astronauts have!

So now I am back at Geneseo, almost finished with my last RA training and about to begin my last semester.  I don’t like that thought at all, but it’s not bothering me so much because it really doesn’t feel like I’m going to graduate in five months.  I’m just so used to being here and having this always be the place I come back to that it’s hard to actually make my brain understand that that’s going to change.  Oh well… I think I’ll be sad, but I think I’ll also be ready.  Who knows, though, I might have a complete meltdown further on.  It’s quite possible.  I will leave you with this bit of incredible news: the evil nuclear streetlight, which is directly outside my windows and which blinked on and off every minute and a half all day and night last semester, is off!  Well, it’s on during the eveningish hours, but turns off before too late.  The point is that I am no longer being blinded when I would much rather be sleeping.  It is a wondrous turn of events.

EDIT:  Apparently, ’twas a farce.  The light is blinking once again, and I am being blinded while I would rather be sleeping.  Maybe it will be nice to graduate, after all.

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  1. I have obviously not been doing a very good job of keeping caught up on your blog, but that was a most enlightening documentary. A doc, as the locals say. The locals also say that about medical doctors, so the locals can sometimes be confused.

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