Grateful and Bittersweet

Ever since February 9th, the images and memories of what I was doing one year ago have been constantly in the back of my mind.  One year ago I got on a plane to fly to New Zealand… one year ago I met my flatmates… one year ago today I had my first class at the University of Canterbury… one year ago I was kayaking in Akaroa.  The nostalgia has taken on a different tone since last week when a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch.  It was weird hearing the news about a place I know so well from the other side of the world.  Most people in Chch are still without power and water so it was six days before I heard from everyone I know there.  While it’s wonderful that all my friends are safe and sound, it doesn’t lessen the awful state that our city is in right now, or all those people who are still unaccounted for.  The death toll is at 161 and rising, and there’s been a reported $12 billion in damage, including the collapsed steeple of the beautiful historic Christchurch cathedral.  There’s still a lot of heartache going on there and the Kiwis could use all the thoughts and prayers they can get.  The majority of the international students studying at UC (including two from Geneseo) are being sent home to the States or transferred to Victoria University of Wellington or the University of Otago in Dunedin for the semester.  And today, I found out the worst news of all.  No but really, that’s awful.

Sorry to be so glum, but it’s been a bizarre situation to react to and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can make sense about it.  I know it seems counterintuitive, but this only makes me more eager to get back to Chch.  I’m missing my home…

On a happier yet related note, this past weekend I saw Chelsea for the first time since we left New Zealand almost eight months ago!  It was wonderful and refreshing to talk about NZ to someone who feels exactly the same way (of course that’s you too, Erika!), and nice to officially establish our friendship as global!  I was so, SO lucky with the flatmates I got there, and having seen two of them back in the States so far, I know it wasn’t only the magic of flat O119 that made us so close!  Anyway enough random NZ musings… this week tired my brain out and I’m not being coherent.  I’ll leave you with happy pictures 🙂

Lake Tekapo, NZ – March 2010
Rexford, NY – February 2011

We love to hug and wear gray sweatshirts.
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2 thoughts on “Grateful and Bittersweet

  1. AWW I love those pictures! I’m so glad you girls got to spend some time together! I bet that someday you will get to go back… maybe you can find a job there or maybe a job that allows you to take trips there! :)Or maybe… you can just take me and show everything you guys did! I would love that! 🙂

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