Welcome to the Working World

I guess I’m getting into the habit of posting on my days off… well, that seems like a pretty good ritual.  I worked a LOT this week, but it’s been mostly good and I had a hefty tip share waiting for me at the shop today.  Still, a day of freedom was very welcome.  The weather here has been absolutely perfect lately – it’s been sunny and warm, but the oppressive Outer Banks heat that is normally keeping us company by this point in the summer has just not showed up yet!  It’s been about 80 degrees and slightly breezy, and even nicer right on the beach.  I went to the beach again this afternoon and spent a blissful couple of hours.  It doesn’t get much better than that (for those of you who were unaware of my obsession with the royal wedding… now you know)!  I had to leave the beach earlier than I planned, though, because I ran out of sunscreen.  Enjoying the southern sun requires that I reapply SPF 50 at least every half hour in order to maintain my ghostly complexion (hey, it was desirable in Jane Austen’s day), and today I literally sprayed the bottle dry.  This one didn’t even last a full two weeks!  Luckily I had bought more this morning, but I hadn’t brought it with me to the beach because I didn’t think I was quite that close to running out!  Ah, the difficult life of a pale-skinned northerner…

Our latest downstairs renter was supposed to arrive this morning, but no sign of her so far.  It’s a Russian girl this time.  Anyone familiar with my past two summers here knows that Abby and I had some interesting experiences with the foreign work study students who have rented “The Cave,” as we fondly call it.  I forewarned my new roommate, Sarah, but hopefully we won’t really have the same issues this summer since we’re not sharing our kitchen with whoever’s downstairs.  Anyway, our current cave dweller has yet to materialize.  Other than waiting around for a while around the time she was supposed to arrive and going to the beach, I went to Starbucks (blasphemous, I know) to get a free ten-song summer mix with the purchase of a Frappuccino, stopped in to Front Porch to see Kasey after her doctor’s appointment this morning (it’s a boy!!!), and went grocery shopping.  This is Perry’s latest handicap/decoration, depending on how you look at it:

Design and materials: Ken Manning.  Successful implementation: Julie Manning.  Creative input: Paul Manning.  It was a family effort.  Perry’s getting pretty ghetto, but at least it holds the trunk open.  Also, sorry I have nothing to offer besides low-quality cell phone photos.  My beloved camera pooped out on me the week before graduation.  Getting a new one is definitely first on the priority list, it’s just a little lower down in the budget…
Other than that, it’s looking to be business as usual for the next few weeks.  I made plans to take Haley with me to go visit Abby at the end of this month, which will be so much fun and well worth the eight-hour drive each way to and from Asheville!  Sarah is wonderful and I really like living with her, but I still miss Abby and Haley like crazy!  Listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks and watching Turner Classic Movies aren’t the same in this house without them.  Abby moved out to Asheville just a couple of days before I got down here this year, so I haven’t seen her or Haley since last August when I left.  It’ll be a great reunion and a fun roadtrip!
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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Working World

  1. Those spray kinds of sun screen do NOT last long at all, do they?? I have been having the problem too – I finally gave up and went back to the lotion because at least it lasts a little longer.

  2. Katie – I know! It’s so annoying. I want my money’s worth of sunscreen! 🙂

    Em – Yes it is! The cashiers in the grocery store here always comment on my Hannaford bags!

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