27948: The Music

In my memory, I always find that certain events and time periods are tied inextricably to random yet related things like sights, sounds, and smells.  For example, there’s this weird paper-y smell that always makes me think of Savannah because of the trees there.  And I’ll always remember that the first time I learned the word “farce” was while watching The Village (and the movie just went downhill from there).  Music is like that, and for some reason, each summer seems to end up with its own soundtrack because of the songs I was into for those few months.

I was thinking about this today while I was driving down to Nags Head this afternoon, because a song came on my iPod that – while it was certainly linked with summer on the OBX in my memory – was definitely a last summer song, and all of a sudden it was a year ago again!  I thought it would be fun to make a compilation of the soundtracks to all of my OBX summers so far – these songs are ones that play constantly on satellite radio at work, that I get on mix CDs from friends (my favorite!  I love mix CDs), or that I just get particularly into listening to on repeat.

Summer 2009

Summer 2010

Summer 2011

I like having these songs all in one place.  Some are slow and some are upbeat, but they all have that distinct summery feeling for me – I’ll be making good use of this new full playlist next time I’m at the beach!
This afternoon, I watched Townes for a few hours after work.  He was exhausted from being at skate & skim camp all morning, so we decided to take it easy and watch Troy, which Paul and Suz lent me last week.  I’d never seen it before – I remember really wanting to go when it came out, but I just never got around to it.
Yes, please.

Even though I knew the historical basics, it was tough to keep up with who was who when they were switching storylines constantly – plus, I kept getting distracted by all the epic action scenes and… appealing visuals.  Anyway, the hilarious part was that Townes had to keep explaining things to me:

“No, Julie, that’s Agamemnon.  Helen was married to his brother, not him.”
“Those aren’t the Greeks, those are the Trojans.  Paris is the prince!”
“No, Achilles is with Sparta, but he just fights for whoever he feels like.”

Sometimes I seriously can’t believe this kid is six years old.  With Townes’ help, I followed the plot (even though we both fell asleep in the middle), and thought it was a really awesome movie, if a bit long.

Now I’m, as usual, relaxing on the couch and watching Man Vs. Wild – Bear Grylls is on the South Island of New Zealand!!  Thanks for the tip, Dad!  I spent the couple hours before this out on the deck with a book, a beer, and a view.  Good sunset, good night.
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