Sailing, Sailing

Ahoy, mateys!

One month from today I will be out on the open ocean!  I had dinner at my aunt and uncle’s the other night and we hammered out some more details for our upcoming sailing trip.  Actually figuring out the specifics of the trip got me super excited for it, and I’m going to have a hard time waiting until September to sail the high seas!

On the one hand, I’m a little nervous.  Paul and Susannah are really avid sailors, and even Townes has more experience under his six-year-old belt than I do!  I’ve always wanted to learn to sail and I hope I come out of this trip knowing the basics – I just hope I’m not too incompetent while I’m getting the hang of things and don’t cause any embarrassing “man overboard” moments.  I’ve been on boats a lot and I have a track record of good sea legs and no motion sickness (knock on wood), so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll at least be, as one of my favorite regulars at the coffee shop put it, “talented weight.”  I think that’s a goal I can meet!

The nervousness is FAR outweighed by excitement, though.  Seven nights of being rocked to sleep by the waves of the Atlantic.  Seven days of sun, sea air, and overusing nautical phrases and proclaiming that, really, I can’t bring this ship into Tortuga all by me onesies.  Savvy?

And of course, what could be better than ending a long day of being talented weight and over-quoting Pirates of the Caribbean by going to bed in a super swanky triangle-shaped boat bedroom (er, I mean cabin)?

Home sweet home!  That’ll be my sweet Austin Powers bed at the top.  It’s right in the bow of the boat!  Pretty neat considering that the only other time I’ve really lived and slept on a boat was the Kangaroo Explorer on the Great Barrier Reef, where Montana and I shared a closet-sized room and each had a teeny tiny little bunk bed!

All this sailing talk has had me singing this song in my head all day.  Anyone else remember these old school Mickey cartoons?  I used to love them!

I always sang this “Sailing, sailing, over the ocean blue…” though!

Well, I have an early morning tomorrow and should sail off to bed so that I’m all set for work at 6:30am!  I’ll leave you with the latest lovely Outer Banks sunset, as enjoyed from my deck:



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