Bon Voyage!

I have pulled my last espresso shot.  I have steamed my last pitcher of milk.  I have poured my last latte.  I have given my last smile and “Have a great afternoon!”

And I am SO ready for vacation.

I’m not tired of work, I’m just tired of being busy.  I’m leaving for our sailing trip tomorrow with Paul, Susannah, and Townes, and I can’t wait to be off the grid and on the high seas!  Okay, the Chesapeake Bay is not really the high seas.  But that will not stop me from pretending that I am out on the open ocean and singing that song from Pippi Longstocking about “we live on the seas, we do as we please.”  Because I like that sentiment (and the answer is yes, I do have an obscure song for every occasion).

I’ve essentially packed a bag full of t-shirts and bathing suits along with some fun stuff like my favorite milk oolong tea that Paul brought me from the Nags Head store and a couple Mark Twain audiobooks (thanks, Daddy!).  We also have books and games and plenty of stories to tell, and Townes has made me promise that we’ll have “math boat time” every day so he can work on his homework.  The kid loves his math.

More than anything, I can’t wait to fall asleep on the boat while being rocked by the waves.  There is nothing in the whole world as peaceful as that feeling.  I think one night of sleeping on the water would be enough to melt away all the worries in the world – and I’ll have seven!

I definitely won’t be blogging while on the boat, but I’m bringing my camera and will also hopefully write some stuff that I can blog about when I get back!  Maria and I are keeping captain’s-log-style “Diaries of Being Apart From Each Other” for the week, so I’m sure I’ll return with some ridiculous ramblings of the type that I normally think to share with my dearest Mama Gorilla.   Alright, folks, I’ll be back in a little over a week – hopefully without too bad of a sunburn and with some sweet as sunset photos!

EDIT:  Susannah randomly mentioned wanting to blog about our sailing trip, and since we’ll be close enough to port to access internet at least every day or two, she thought it would be fun to write a collaborative account of our week on the water.  So you’ll get to hear from me after all – with the help of some pretty rad guest bloggers.  We’ll try to post pictures and details of the trip whenever we can.  See ya soon!

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