The Journey is the Destination

The little marina in Oxford was selling t-shirts with that saying on it, and Susannah and I loved it.  It seemed particularly applicable to a sailing trip, which means you’re making plans based on the wind and that deciding on a route ahead of time will get you nowhere.

Anyway, that’s what our week on the water was all about – the journey, not the endpoint.  The crew is back on dry land now and scattered across the country – Townes is in Norfolk with his nana, Paul and Susannah are in Seattle for Coffee Fest 2011, and I’m back on the Banks.  Getting back to normal life has been a reality check.  It’s nice having a little more than 42 feet of space to move around in, and I’m sure all my coworkers and customers at work appreciate the fact that I’m able to shower more than once every four days (yeah, I know – I fully embraced the pirate lifestyle), but I sure will miss watching the sun rise over the water while sipping from the first of many pots of French press coffee.

I’ve always found that the best way to combat the back-from-vacation blues is to accept the bittersweetness that comes with remembering it.  I know I’ve been giving rambling play-by-plays and making corny nautical puns on this here blog all week, so I’ll give everyone a break from the wordiness and finish out our farewell sailing entry with some of our favorite photos that didn’t make the initial blog post cut.

sailing day 1 020

sailing day 1 039sailing day 1 044

sailing day 1 047sailing day 1 056

sailing day 2 079

sailing day 2 078

sailing day 2 084

sailing day 3 012

sailing days 3-4 002sailing days 3-4 131

sailing days 3-4 015

sailing days 3-4 034sailing days 3-4 035

sailing days 3-4 066

sailing days 3-4 100

sailing days 3-4 112

sailing days 3-4 164

sailing days 3-4 185sailing days 3-4 194

sailing days 6-7 028

sailing days 6-7 025sailing days 6-7 050

sailing days 6-7 071

sailing days 6-7 078

sailing days 6-7 124

sailing days 6-7 138

They’re all in order, so it’s sort of like a quick-and-dirty photo tour of our week!  Yes, we took as many pictures of Townes as we did of the scenery.  Yes, we all wore the same clothes all week.  Yes, it was really, really wonderful.  And because we know it’s everyone’s favorite part of our blog posts, we can’t sign off without leaving you with one of Townes’ bits of brilliance from our final day on La Mia Stella.

TR Quote of the Day:

After Susannah told him to keep both hands on the boat while he was holding the flag…

“I can’t – one of my hands is clogged!”

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2 thoughts on “The Journey is the Destination

  1. Julie, I haven’t been commenting on all of your posts, but I’ve been reading all of them and they are fantastic! It sounds like you had a great time and I’m really jealous! I like your Townes quotes, he sounds adorable! (and maybe a little like the cute little Paul I used to know?!) It’s so cool that you got to do this!! 🙂

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