La Mia Stella

Crew: Paul, Susannah, Townes and Julie setting sail aboard Jeanneau 42 La Mia Stella from Annapolis Bay Marina Thursday Sept 15 10am.  headed North to Baltimore Harbour winds Northwest 10knts building to 25 later in the day!!!!

sailing day 1 048

That was Susannah’s first-ever shot at blogging!  Not bad, huh?  So, we made it.  We’re currently being checked out of the marina, we’re fully stocked and stowed, and pretty soon we’ll be sailing out of Annapolis and on up the Chesapeake.  We’ll be back with our captain’s log updates, cool pictures, and all the shenanigans that go along with them whenever we have wifi access in port.

And now we’d like to introduce a new segment called “TR Quote of the Day” wherein we close our blog posts by sharing the most hilarious comment that Townes has made during each day of our sailing voyage.  This morning’s quote comes from an instance when Townes was trying to recall what was happening when the marina official had stopped by while Susannah and I were at the store.

“The checkout man was already here.  He came when I was crying over the food.”

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