Yes. All Boats.

During the week that Paul, Susannah, Townes, and I were sailing around the Chesapeake Bay, we saw a lot of boats.  Big ones, small ones, fast ones, slow ones (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish).  There was a lot of “Quick, take a picture of that boat!” going on, and we mentioned compiling all the random boat photos once we were back on land.

Whether it was a cool name or a colorful spinnaker, here are our favorite boats from Sailing Trip 2011!  The number one spot in our hearts goes automatically to La Mia Stella, of course, but we did see some pretty awesome runners-up.  Which one’s your favorite?  (Click on one to make it bigger!)

sailing day 1 045sailing day 2 004

sailing day 2 003
sailing day 2 012sailing day 2 013sailing day 2 033

sailing day 2 037sailing day 2 045
sailing day 2 076
sailing days 3-4 003sailing days 3-4 007sailing days 3-4 101
sailing days 3-4 119sailing days 3-4 120sailing days 3-4 158
sailing days 3-4 182sailing days 6-7 011sailing days 6-7 017
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