It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

… or as my mom would sing, “It’s starting to feel like Christmas!”  Very close, Mama.

Anyway, I know this is rather overdue, but I promised an updated post once the Palmetto Palace was fully decked out in Christmas glory (mostly courtesy of Maria’s box of cheer!).  Plus, I arrived in New York really late on December 23rd and my week at home was so jam-packed that my family never got around to decorating our tree – don’t worry, it at least had pretty lights.  But I thought that my mom would feel better seeing that I got to do at least some festive decorating this holiday season!

First, we visit the entertainment center.  The media console.  Other phrases that make it sound fancier than the cabinet that the TV is in.

xmas decs 002

That tinsel garland is the last remaining vestige of my cheapo Walmart decs from the dorm days.  It’s totally cheesy but I still kind of like it, and the last time I used it was in my suite in Allegany, which is nice and nostalgic.  This was also where we kept one of the most valuable gems from Maria’s box:

xmas decs 053

A brand new giant Yankee candle jar?!  That smells like “Balsam Fir” which I suppose to be fancy horticultural lingo for “Christmas Tree”?!  Yes please.  This little guy was amazing because a) Sarah and I love candles and b) it smelled 100% like a bona fide Christmas tree.  Maybe even more convincing than the real thing.  Which was awesome because we didn’t get a tree for our little house (since we’d both be away for the holiday) and were distinctly missing that piney aroma!

Moving on.

xmas decs 049

We HAD to have stockings!  But let’s get real.  These were dollar store finds that will most likely not be reused – we just needed something fun to stash our little gifts to each other in.  They also turned out to be much more trouble than they were worth.  Obviously I had to write our names on them somehow, and let’s just say that after four different stores, a frantic text to Emaline asking where to find puffy paint in Walmart (she’s the resident expert), cursing the fact that the Outer Banks doesn’t have a Target, and seriously considering driving across state lines to get to one… it all worked out.

I also used some wonderful and old fashioned ornaments from The Box to decorate the top of that big ol’ bookshelf of ours:

xmas decs 050

(Anyone spot the New Zealand photo cameo?)  I ended up adding more ornaments later but didn’t snap a picture – but overall it was very charming.  I was actually inspired by this random photo I found on Pinterest:

Just a super quick and easy way to decorate a window that happened to work perfectly along our bookcase!  Oh so crafty.

Let’s get to the real stars of the Christmas Box.  Namely, these adorable Christmas tree candles (that I didn’t have the heart to light) and these gymnastically-inclined miniature Santas.

xmas decs 051

Aaand here are a few more of the fantastically nimble little dudes.

xmas decs 052

I don’t exactly understand why a bunch of mini-Santas are flippin’ around like that, but I like it.  They’re pretty cool in my book, and I quite liked looking at them while I did the dishes (that’s our kitchen windowsill in the first picture).  They reminded me of the little Santas we had when I was a kid that went up and down that motorized staircase/twisty slide – but these guys were not in a position to be climbing any stairs.

Let’s mosey on outside, shall we?

xmas decs 012

Putting this festive red bow on our mailbox made me unreasonably giddy.  Perhaps because it was so lovely to enjoy the sight of this cheery little guy from all the way down the street.  I had delusions of our happy Christmas bow bringing such joy to our mail carrier that she would consider bringing our mail during daylight hours, but it seems not.  I actually watched as the mail was delivered at 5:45pm today.  True story.

Time for the big shebang: our outdoor Christmas lights!

xmas decs 041

And I put up 50% of them all by myself.  Our neighbor Shawn came over, literally hopped on to the roof, and strung the top strand in much less time than it took me to weave the other one through our deck railings.  It’s not exactly the Christmas House, but I thought it was pretty cute, and it was very nice to come home to.

xmas decs 043

So there you go!  The lowdown on our Christmas decs, the week after I took them all down.  Better late than never, eh?  The magic Christmas box is tucked away on the top shelf in my closet now, waiting to make its triumphant return next year.  Until then, I will imagine that the tiny Santas are in there happily practicing their breakdancing moves.

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