Revenge of the Nerds

There are important things going on in the world right now (Australian Open, anyone?  Wait, sorry, I meant the State of the Union address…), but you’re not going to hear about them here.  In actuality, I did watch most of Obama’s speech and all of Federer’s matches this week, but something else has happened which requires urgent attention.

I’ve been dog- and house-sitting for Paul & Susannah all weekend so I had a lot of my own stuff to catch up on after work today.  I had the TV on in the background while I went through my Gmail inbox (and got it down from 117 emails to 39, thankyouverymuch) without even realizing what I was watching or paying attention to the show.  And then this fellow popped up on screen:



And I sort of squinted at him with my head tilted and my mouth half-open for about a minute, AND THEN HE SPOKE.  In that awkward, squeaky, spitty voice that was somehow familiar, yet far in the past.  Yes, that awkward voice called to me like a Britney Spears song blaring from the giant headphones of my portable CD player.  Suddenly I was back in middle school.  But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Now, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s having some random piece of information that I’m trying to figure out right on the tip of my brain (is that an actual biological place?) and not coming up with it.  You KNOW I was not going to Wikipedia this dude unless it was my final resort.  So instead of changing the channel, I sat there and watched the entire episode of this unidentified show.




If each episode is 30 minutes long and there are 24 hours in a day, it’s safe to say that I probably spent a solid twelve weeks of my middle school life watching Boy Meets World (bad math… don’t check that).  Stuart Minkus’ fabulously shiny bowl cut and intellectual terrorism will be ingrained in my mind forever… as well as Cory and Shawn groaning “Minkusss!” any time he was being particularly irritating.

Anyway, who knew this guy was still around?  I, for one, did not.  I tried to figure out what I’d been watching when grown-up-but-still-crazy-awkward Minkus materialized in front of my eyes, and after a lot of Google-ing eventually figured out that it was One Tree Hill.  Um, I’m sorry, where was Chad Michael Murray for the past hour?

roflbot (1)


I mean, wasn’t he the only reason people started watching that show?  Where’d he go?  Has CMM been replaced by Minkus?  How much am I embarrassing myself by asking these questions?

P.S.  Can you tell I found out how to add captions to photos?  You’re gonna get sick of it real soon.

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