Adventures in Steam Cleaning

Is everyone fully stuffed with Easter candy?  I am fully stuffed, but with fish tacos from Mama Kwan’s.  Close enough.

I was incredibly lazy after getting home from Easter service yesterday.  I was very tired, and it was the first Sunday in months that I wasn’t working, and I just wanted to take advantage of being able to do nothing.

So I did – almost very literally – nothing.  I just sort of wandered around my house doing different variations of nothing… I sat in the hammock, I watched a little TV, I laid down in bed, I got back up and went to the porch… you get the idea.  After a few hours I realized I was singing this song in my head:

That was me.  I just stay home and lie around.  Except that I have been to Boston in the fall (Am, we definitely missed out on a golden opportunity by not referencing this when I visited you for our first Gordeseo weekend during senior year).

Eventually, I actually got tired of being a pirate who doesn’t do anything, so I figured I should devote at least a small amount of my day to doing something productive.  So I steam cleaned my carpet!  Get ready for some pretty grody before and after shots.



Gnarly, right?  Don’t judge me.  Those weren’t my stains.  I rent this place, and they were already there.  Wait, that still makes me sound gross, because I just left them there.  This is a no-win situation for me.  Well, okay, judge me, I suppose I deserve it.  But then be impressed by my steam cleaning job!

I should have done this a loooong time ago, but to be honest, I had no idea we had a steam cleaner.  I’m quite happy, though.  It’s an even bigger difference than it looks like in the pictures.  I didn’t realize the carpet looked so dirty until I saw how clean it looks now.  Irie was mad at us, though, because Sarah did her room, too, and he had nowhere comfy to lay down while both of our carpets were damp.  You should’ve seen the poor guy – he kept going back and forth across the hall between our rooms, realizing the carpet wasn’t dry, and scooting backwards again, until finally he gave up and went out to the wood floor in the kitchen and sat there looking really sad.

The other exciting news of the week?  Tarheel Too is open again!  It’s the best fresh produce stand in town and it’s run by this really nice guy, Ed.  We’ve all been dying for it to open again all winter!  I stopped by to load up on Ed’s first day back in business.


Check out that haul!  All fresh, natural, NC produce (except for the bananas… I do not think they grow here).  And all for $8.62!  Bam.  Unfortunately, Ed didn’t have any Outer Banks Garlic Pepper yet, which is locally made and pretty much a magical elixir of powdered dragon’s blood or something.  It’s that amazing.

Well, that’s all she wrote.  I’m off to enjoy a few hours at the beach (I obviously copped out on that plan yesterday, so I have some vitamin D to make up) before Sarah and I go bowling this evening.  I am ready to lose spectacularly!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Steam Cleaning

  1. Also…. didn’t you and Amity come to Boston when we were in high school for my crew meet? To go see the Harry Potter exhibit or something? Didn’t you fall or something too? It’s very vague in my mind, entirely possible that this is not true.

    1. Oh yeah!! I totally forgot about that! We came to watch you in Head of the Charles. And we went to the Lord of the Rings exhibit (you’re getting our nerdy obsessions mixed up), and Amity fell because for some reason we were running. Who knows what we were up to.

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