I Watch Too Much TV

Actually, I really don’t.  It happens maybe a couple of times a week.  But if you tally up the number of shows that I continually proclaim that I’m “obsessed with,” it gives the impression that I watch rather a lot.

Regardless of whether you have all the time in the world, or just like to daydream about having all the time in the world while you run from job to babysitting gig to second job and realize you’ve just eaten yogurt for your past four meals (oops), this is what you should be checking out.

Duck Dynasty

This is hands down the most excellent thing on television.  It’s a diamond in the rough of all these insane pointless reality shows they’re coming out with nowadays.  I feel that very few people will agree with me on this one, and actually I’m not quite sure why I’ve developed such an affinity for this show, but I love it.


It is about a family who owns a wildly successful duck call whistle business.  Need I say more?  Phil is the pater familias and also my hero and inspiration.


Unfortunately, I do not actually know what channel or what day of the week or time of day it’s on, so I’ve only seen it a few times when Sarah’s boyfriend, Ryan, has been channel-surfing and stumbles upon it and I run into the living room and yell, “STOP it’s Duck Dynasty!” and then we watch four episodes in a row.  I only find it when I’m not looking for it.  Like a portal to Narnia.


How did I just find out today that season two has been added to Netflix Instant?  Now Abby’s ahead of me, and I told her about this show in the first place.  Hmph.

It’s brilliant.  It’s British.  As if that weren’t enough, the actor who plays Sherlock is like Stephen Fry status in terms of talking crazy fast and being constantly snarky and using witty wordplay.  Oh, and he’s named Benedict Cumberbatch.


BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.  That is his REAL NAME.  Not his character’s name.  I’m not kidding about this.  Alright?  And you KNOW something has got to be good for me to give it any credit at all when there’s another version out there involving RDJ.



The Office

It got good again!

I was mentally prepared to start phasing this show out this season.  It just hasn’t been the same since Michael Scott left, and I still sort of think the show should’ve ended when his storyline did.  I don’t love the new characters and there’s not nearly enough Dwight-and-Jim prankster stuff going on anymore.

However, the season premiere last week was really good!  I was actually laughing out loud at the part where Dwight was trying to slack line:


Speaking of having all the time in the world and using it to watch TV, I sometimes secretly wish I’d get mono or break both my legs or encounter some situation that requires me to be on bed rest for a couple weeks so I could rewatch LOST from the beginning.  Is that bad?

Also, I’ve thought that if I ever sent in a PostSecret, that would be it.  My life is not very scandalous.

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One thought on “I Watch Too Much TV

  1. Great post. Funny. Benedict Cumberbatch indeed! And Martin Freeman plays Watson. He played the Krasinski character in the UK Office. I was very disappointed with the Lost resolution. Some of the web chatter explains things better than the finale did, which is something that I find is also true of the Star Wars prequels. As huge Star Wars fans, I am sure that the Lost producers can take some solace from that. [Cat hissing sound.] I have claws!

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