Harlem Shakin’

Have you guys seen these Harlem Shake videos that are the latest thing to take over the internet?  I hadn’t until last week, because ever since graduating college I’ve gotten exponentially lamer by the second (seriously, Evan teaches me new abbreviations every time we talk).  Anyway, the basic concept is that it’s a dance video that is super easy to replicate, which is probably why it’s taken off so quickly.  One person wearing a helmet dances by themselves, then a lot of people wearing crazy clothes dance around really spastically together.  That’s literally it.

I think this is the original:

But here are a couple other good’uns.  Here’s a Norwegian army troop:

And some random office workers:

The best part is finding the most random “dance move” in the group, like the person flopping around in a sleeping bag in the army one or the dude punching the inflatable giraffe in the office one.  This is why people say our generation is getting stupider.

But you know what?  Sometimes it’s fun to wear weird costumes and dance around with your friends.  And it’s even more fun when you get to dance around on the tallest sand dunes on the east coast!


A few of us grabbed the goofiest clothes we had and headed over to Jockey’s Ridge yesterday to Harlem Shake it with the local radio station, who was organizing the whole shebang.  We parked, confused a lot of drivers by crossing the street in our getup, and climbed the dunes.

This was for sure the weirdest little parade I’ve ever been a part of.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of the dog wearing a Jack Sparrow wig.


Then the Easter bunny went paragliding by real quick:


And then it was time to shake! 

I’d give the radio people an A+ for enthusiasm and about a C for execution. We all agreed that the effect would have been way cooler if everyone had spread out on the dunes and they’d shot from below – we could’ve filled up the entire area with crazy dancers! But they wanted us sort of lined up in one place, and it was their plan, so we rolled with it.

The only one of us you can really see well is my friend Chris, way in the background of the video.  He’s the one in the cow costume, naturally.  If you look close, you can catch a glimpse of me a couple of times, all the way over to the left next to the beach umbrella.  Just look for my sombrero.

In the end, you can hardly see anybody except for the people in the front row, which was the big problem with this setup.  But I repeat: it was still fun to dance around on the dunes with my buds on the nicest day we’ve had in weeks.


It’s days like this that make me appreciate my beach life so incredibly much.  There aren’t many places where adults are allowed to act like this!  Shake responsibly, my friends.

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