Checking in From the Road!

Hello from Casper, Wyoming! We’re about halfway through our three-week roadtrip around the western US and we’ve already had enough adventure for a lifetime. We’ve been through seven national parks in as many states and seen all sorts of weather (-11 degrees F was super fun). We’ve seen canyons and deserts and mountains and lakes and all sorts of crazy wildlife.


(Zion National Park, Utah)

However, as any traveler will tell you, things don’t always go according to plan. We’ve had our fair share of wrenches thrown in the works already but are rerouting about as fast as things can mess themselves up. I’ll have plenty of roadtrip stories and pictures coming up on the blog in the future but for now, a few photos are going up in realtime on Instagram and Facebook because it’s about all I can keep up with before I crash into bed (slash van) at the end of every day.


(Antelope Canyon, Arizona)

I’ve always said that a roadtrip’s too easy if you don’t go through at least three vehicles. Okay, I haven’t. But I definitely say that now.

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8 thoughts on “Checking in From the Road!

  1. Hey, I’ve just found your blog through bloglovin and I’m absolutely loving it!

    I’m thinking of doing a three week trip in Western US next year so I’ll be keeping a close eye on what you get up to.

    Meanwhile, that photo you took of Antelope Canyon looks pretty epic!

    Ed x

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you! It was my first time in the majority of the states we visited – after spending so much time abroad I really started to realize how much I hadn’t seen of my own country! Enjoy your time in Europe for now and I hope you get a US roadtrip on the books someday 🙂

  2. Just came across your blog and I love it!!! I’m looking into getting my masters now too and am trying to fit that into my wanderlust. It’s such a problem since my degree is only in the USA. I’m thinking of deferring for a year and moving to Australia. ANYWAYS, just wanted to say I really like reading your blog!

    1. Aw thanks Kait! I don’t know which degree you’re looking at or how specific it is, but if it’s not one that’s generally offered by foreign universities, there may be American unis that offer programs and/or exchanges overseas. I studied at a UK uni but my flatmate was at an American university in London so her degree is fully transferable. Just a thought! Thanks again & I’m off to check out your blog! x

    1. Thanks lady – I went iPhone-only for this trip! Figured it was safest not to bring a nice camera, and given that we somehow lost a few pairs of shoes and gloves to the depths of the van forever, I think it was a good bet 😉

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