Tuesday Tunes

I am major major major stressin’ over this grad school decision.  I’ve narrowed it down (technically there were still five contenders then, with two in the same location).  I’ve gotten it down to three but don’t feel any closer to a final answer.

Honestly, I’m just most surprised that the decision isn’t clearer to me.  I never expected to feel so fully invested, and really be able to see myself, in three different programs.  I really thought I’d have a stand-out choice that just felt like “the one” in my gut.

And I’ve just realized I sound like Sean the Bachelor, who never thought he would fall in love with more than one person at once.



I probably just need a good balcony to think pensive thoughts, and maybe some solid QT with Chris Harrison to talk it out bro-style.

I’m currently trying to escape my indecisiveness and crazy stressball status, and mellow tunes usually do the trick. 

Sit back, press play, and reeeelax.

Weezer – “Island in the Sun”

My brother reminded me about this song yesterday, even though it was to tell me that he never knew it was by Weezer.  I love this song – a) it really does make me feel like I’m on an island in the sun (technically, that’s where I live – I should remember that more often) and b) it reminds me of that Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

Andrew Bird – “Sovay”

This song has been on my sleep playlist for as long as I can remember.  Maybe that’s why I find it so hypnotically relaxing.

Van Morrison – “Crazy Love”

I know there are sweet versions with Ray Charles and Bob Dylan in there, too, but this classic version is just so smooth and comforting.  Actually, this whole album has really been doin’ it for me lately.  One of my coworkers told me yesterday that she always thinks of me when she hears Van Morrison.  That was a nice compliment.

Guster – “Diane”

Guster always makes me think of my freshman roommate, Carly, and this has always been my favorite Guster song.  It sounds summery and makes me feel like I should chill out.  Which I should.

What’s your go-to destress music?

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