Great Balls of Fire!

All day I’ve felt like I was stuck in the Doldrums from The Phantom Tollbooth.  It was rainy, it was gray, it was Monday, and everyone had a major case of the blahs.  However, this gloomy Monday followed a pretty smokin’ weekend.

See, I kind of caught on fire on Friday.  I mean, I definitely did.

The facts were these: I was standing in Ocean Boulevard talking to my friend Chris.  There was a candle on a ledge behind me.  I didn’t even know that anything was going on until Chris was beating me around the head and pulling chunks of melted hair off of my shirt.  Yum.

Luckily, Chris put the fire on my head out almost instantly (so instantly that he burnt his hands), but I was smoking like crazy and they had to open all the doors and air out the entire restaurant.  Sooo that was embarrassing.  I actually remained very calm throughout the whole ordeal, mostly because everyone else was shouting so much that I didn’t know what was going on at first.

Of course, I now realize that my problem was loitering around an establishment that was decorated with open flames at shoulder-height when my own head is, in fact, just above shoulder-height.  I shan’t be making that mistake again!

Anyway, other than some scorch marks on the back of my shirt, a slight sunburn-like thing going on on the back of my neck, and a few awkward encounters of “Hey, weren’t you the girl whose hair caught on fire at OB?”, I’m no worse for the wear.  Someone with a lot less hair than I have might have been left with a big ol’ bald patch on the back of their head, but luckily I just got a free trim.  Exciting, though, right?

In other news… well, there is no other news.  Sarah’s out of town and the forecast says rain for the next four days, so I’ve been whiling away the afternoons by getting my Netflix on while my main man makes some serious progress on his rubber duck collection:


(Side note:  Yes, that lady duck with the purple heels is super creepy.  She was a gag gift from Sarah’s sister and unfortunately is Irie’s favorite.  We call her his girlfriend and he likes to drop her on our pillows in the middle of the night.  Ick.)

Like I said, no other news.  It’d be hard to top catching on fire anyway, right?  I wish I had the time and stamina to do a full Christmas break recap (I can’t kick the habit of calling it Christmas break even though I’m not in college anymore)… but I don’t.  I’ll just leave you with this slightly-belated burst of holiday joy from the Mannings!

Manning Christmas 2011 FINAL

Hope yours was!

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