Roadtrip USA

What do you do when you’ve just graduated with your master’s degree, repatriated from England to the US, and are facing the inevitable period of unemployment and student loan debt? Pack your belongings, find a buddy, and go live in a van, of course!

My flatmate, Amity, and I embarked on our big adventure in November 2014. I’ll be adding our stops to this map as I post about them so you can follow along, and maybe even plan your own Roadtrip USA someday!

Click on any red pin on the map to view the related blog post.

General (unmapped) roadtrip posts:

5 thoughts on “Roadtrip USA

  1. LOVE the idea of the clickable map! I wanted to do this for a while! But thought it may be too techy for me. Maybe I just need to sit down with a good youtube video and figure it out.

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

    1. I’m so glad you like it! It was fun for me to geek out over but I also really hoped it would be helpful as I had a lot of friends ask how we planned our roadtrip. I used Google My Maps and it actually wasn’t too complicated at all. Give it a go sometime!

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