A Stay in Savannah: Part 2

Well, on we go!

Thursday was the day after our adventures in downtown Savannah and my last full day with my grandparents.  Therefore, we decided we had to do something that my family does every single time we go to Savannah: go to Tybee Island!

Normally, our family tradition starts with lunch at an awesome beachy restaurant called The Crab Shack, but we figured we’d try somewhere new – since I was the only one visiting, the tradition was already a little different.  We went to Sundae Café, which my grandpa enticingly described as “a dump in a strip mall.”  Good recommendation, eh?  Supposedly this is one of the best-kept secrets of Savannah and has the most amazing scallops around!  Amazing scallops?  I was sold.

My grandpa was definitely right – I would never have chosen this place by driving by it – but it’s a diamond in the rough and I can see why people keep coming back!  The food was great and we left stuffed but satisfied.  Next stop: the beach!

Savannah 029

Despite the fact that I live at the beach now, I was still excited to go to the beach on Tybee Island.  I love this beach – I remember feeding the seagulls there by putting bread on top of my brother’s head, and there’s even a super cute home video of me waddling around the beach at Tybee in my snow jacket when I was a year and a half old.

Savannah 035

My grandma and I walked for an hour along the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather (it was in the 80s that day!).  The beach is much wider than it is on the Outer Banks, and it was almost completely deserted, except for a few kite-flyers from Ohio and some cool-looking birds that the helpful sign informed us were called black skimmers.


Finally, we all headed back to the car and made our way home, with a quick stop for mocha frappés on the way (it was hot out!).

It was actually SO nice out once we got back to their house, my grandma and I decided to go on another walk to take advantage of the last hour of daylight.  We didn’t run into any alligators (there are a lot of them in the lagoons near my grandparents’ house), but did see a lot of turtles and herons!  Their neighborhood is just lovely.

Savannah 027

After all that sun and walking, I was definitely ready for dinner.  My last night in Savannah was very relaxing – my grandparents and I watched Jeopardy! and then E.T.  That movie is a gem.  If you haven’t properly watched it in the past fifteen years (which I hadn’t), get on that.

The next morning, I packed up Perry and headed out pretty early.  I left via the main street through downtown (side note for Kate & Emaline: every time I’ve tried to type “downtown” in this post, I’ve typed “downton” first.) so that I could go over the bridge that spans the Savannah River.


Aside from the on-and-off torrential downpours, the drive home was easy peasy and I made it back to KDH just about when it got dark.  Since then, things have been back to business as usual.  I was so glad of a chance to visit a city I love and hang out with my grandparents, even if it was quick!  As I said to each of them at one point or another during my visit, my life has felt very grown-up lately, and it was nice to be somewhere where I was allowed to feel like a kid again.

I hope you all are having a very happy Leap Day!  Go do something crazy.  Real life is for March.


If Leap Day William says so, it must be true.

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