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Starting to crave summer desserts yet?  Go check out my recipe for kiwi pavlova that’s up on Around the World Food!  Be sure to browse Lauren’s other awesome recipes while you’re over there for some kitchen inspiration.

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My last post was a little heavy.  It was something I was really inspired to write about, but I think we need to return to a happier vibe.  How about a good dose of internet humor to lighten things up around here?

First, if you haven’t seen the video of the Harvard baseball team’s dance routine to “Call Me Maybe”… a) you are the last person in the world who hasn’t, and b) watch it now.  Their dance moves are not the most original, but I am impressed by their synchronicity as well as their ability to cram like thirty dudes in that clown car.

EDIT: Watch this, it’ll make you smile.  Whoever makes these videos probably got made fun of for having the most pointless idea ever… but it’s so funny.  What a rad president!

Shall we stay on the subject of the latest pop culture fad?  Let’s.



A little somethin’ for the Arrested Development fans out there…


Watch this, it’ll make you dance.  In contrast to the Harvard baseball boys, this guy has the widest variety of dance moves known to man.

Watch this, it’ll make you be amazed.  I know it’s been making the rounds, but I’m just so impressed.  Seriously – twelve and eight years old?!  They also did a really lovely version of “When Your Mind’s Made Up.”

Watch this, it’ll make you laugh.  I love Ellen’s hidden camera pranks – there are more recent ones, but I think this one is still my favorite (besides David Beckham gets a massage).  I can’t watch it without getting hysterical.

I’d say we’ve successfully brought back the levity!  Any other awesome YouTube vids I should know about?

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