New Year, New York

File this one away as another long overdue life update. Sooo… remember that time I said I was moving to California?

It turns out that the state of California had no interest in employing me (not actually the State – I’m speaking symbolically here). On the other hand, my dear old native New York was willing to welcome me back with open arms the nastiest winter in history.

And so I find myself here:

New York City | A Life Exotic

Three months in to a new job and new life in New York City and already, the city has morphed into a completely different entity than the one I visited growing up. It feels totally different living here, and as I predicted in that old flashblack post, a bit odd – I’m now so much more familiar with London than I am with New York, but the balance will inevitably shift.

I’m also experiencing different parts of the city than I did when I used to visit from upstate. I rarely leave Brooklyn on the weekends, and I haven’t been to Central Park in months. I’m trying to focus on settling in and not comparing it to London too much (although trading the tube for the subway has been a particularly devastating blow – yuck).

Overall, I appreciate being at the beginning of a new chapter that will let me explore somewhere new, which was exactly what I wanted. The fact that it’s a city close to where I grew up and with which I was already vaguely familiar only makes it more of an enticing challenge to find excitement and adventure in the daily routine – “a life exotic” and all that, you know.

And I’m not complaining about the view…

New York City | A Life Exotic

Expect the rest of the roadtrip posts coming your way soon before we start exploring New York. Lots more to cover there… we haven’t even gotten to the van breakdowns yet!

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New York

  1. Wow, your photos! I haven’t seen NYC from those views before but they really represent the massive size of the city. I’m so proud of you for moving to yet another new destination. If you can conquer London, the big apple is nothing! Hope the new job is still treating you well. XO

    1. The first photo is from Top of the Rock and the second is from my apartment building – so come visit for roof beers ASAP when you’re back this side of the pond, and we’ll cheers to new adventures! xx

    1. This comment came at a great time – I’ve been having some problems with my server being down lately but it looks like things must be up and running! Glad you found me 🙂 Also, WOW your blog is fun – love it! X

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