Sailing Trip 2012 Video

One of my best friends and flatmates from New Zealand, Chelsea, makes these amazing composite videos by taking quick video clips during a special time or event (a summer at camp, a semester in New Zealand, etc.) and editing them together with music.  You may see her awesome video of her study abroad experience in New Zealand HERE (I totally copied her and made my own, but it’s not on YouTube).

I’ve always been in awe of her mad skillz with iMovie.  She does such a great job of capturing these special periods of time in her life, and using video clips adds so much more than just photographs.  You get to see people’s mannerisms, panoramic scans, changing light, and other things that still pictures just don’t convey.

I think Chelsea’s videos are an amazing way to remember a significant event, and as such, I have blatantly tried to copy her again.

You get to experience a week’s worth of our sailing shenanigans in three and a half minutes!  There are great views of the Baltimore skyline and Kent Island Narrows, tons of footage of Townes being goofy and adorable, and even Susannah and I breakin’ it down to “The Tiki Bar is Open.”  These are gems, people.

And of course, setting it to Mumford & Sons helps us feel even more like we’re still aboard the Bay Cat, because we listened to them so often (our benevolent captain was VERY patient – he is not the biggest Mumford fan, although he has since been overheard admitting that he kind of likes “Winter Winds”).  It’s perfect timing for our nautical tribute, since their new album comes out today!

If you’re catching up, here are our blog posts from the sailing trip this year:

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Day Five – Kent Island Narrows & St. Michaels
Day Six – St. Michaels to Annapolis

I miss it already!

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