As of ten minutes ago, Amity and I have officially booked our flights (I should say flight… one-way ticket, baby!) to London for the end of August!


(Sorry, can’t risk anyone hopping on that plane in our names!  We’re pretty set on going.)

Oh wait, did I not mention that one of my closest friends is going to grad school in London, too?  YUP.  Amity and I called each other on the same day last month to tell each other that, totally separately, we had gotten into school and decided on going to London!  Life is crazy sometimes.

So this incredible experience is going to be made even MORE incredible because I get to do it all with one of my favorite people who I’ve been friends with since… what, second grade, Am?


That picture is not from second grade, although it almost looks like it.  What youths we were.

Even though we were both fully prepared to do it all on our own, it will be really nice to have someone to fly over, navigate the city, and get settled in with.  It’s a little added comfort and security that I’m sure will be priceless.

Also, do you know when the last time we were on a plane together was?

amity nicole me katie

Our missions trip to Panama in 2004!  Sorry about the weird grainy picture.  Funny story, that.  At one point during the trip, all of my belongings (including the eight disposable cameras I’d brought) were in a plastic garbage bag in the back of a wooden canoe being paddled along a river in the rainforest by an indigenous tribesman… and it started pouring.  So most of my pictures from that trip look like you’re looking at them through white fabric, but at least they weren’t totally ruined!  The canoe ride was also totally worth it.

Moving on.  We’ve booked our flights, booked our accommodation – we’re letting a flat together!  how quaint! – and are chomping at the bit to set off on our European adventure.  Of course, in moving to a new country, we’re sure to come across many things that we find quite puzzling…

Picture 002

Or maybe we will find ourselves in high society and have occasion to attend fancy balls…

morp 040

Or else we can take to the English countryside to enjoy the great outdoors…


(Amity, that was when you rag curled my hair, remember?  That was a good decision.)

Honestly, I’m just feeling so excited and grateful that we are unexpectedly getting to embark on this experience together.  Subsequently, I’m using it as an excuse to post pictures of us that out of context might be embarrassing, but under the current circumstances are rather “aww!”-inducing.  We may all count ourselves lucky that I don’t have a digital copy of the photos of us practicing our fifth grade talent show dance in matching tie-dyed T-shirts.

London, here we come!!!  Everyone needs a good friend to go on adventures with, and I’m very lucky to have one.


Soupy twist.

Have you ever booked a one-way ticket?

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7 thoughts on “Booked!

  1. Not only was that the last time we were on a plane together, but it was my very first time flying! Remember?? We have certainly had some good times 🙂 I LOVE THIS! Also, in all of these photos, I’m on the left and you’re on the right…

    1. Ahh I do remember that! And you did so well 🙂 I actually noticed that about the pictures, too… I wonder if we’ll switch sides in England?

  2. So amazing that you’ll be going to grad school in London! And have a partner in crime to boot, it’ll probably be some of the best years of your life 🙂 I’ve never booked a one-way ticket! Crazy!

    1. I still can’t believe it myself! It was pretty exhilarating buying a one-way, I think it might just give me the itch to do it again… 🙂

  3. Ahhh – SO EXCITING!!! I soooo vividly remember booking my one-way ticket to London when I was preparing for LSE. It has been so fun to sort of re-live those memories through you!! Good luck with it all (and keep on daydreaming). And I’m here to help with any questions – including the best spots for a quick countryside getaway with your friend! 😉

    1. That’s so cool, I can’t believe how similarly our journeys are starting out! What an awesome unexpected connection 🙂 And believe me, I LOVED the long email – all your advice was absolutely invaluable and I don’t think my reply was much shorter, haha!

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