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Sometimes, I feel like signing on to Facebook is just asking to be bombarded with viral meme photos, incendiary political opinions, and Farmville invitations.  However, sometimes I sign on to a newsfeed that is delightfully and surprisingly full of gold, like I did yesterday.  If you’re stressing about something, having a “blah” day, or just needing some external inspiration, here are a few bites of soul food via my Facebook buddies.

Need some motivation?

Check out this TED Talk by psychologist Meg Jay.  There are a lot of Thought Catalog articles floating around lately on how to make the most of your twenties.  They’re super inspiring when you read them, but then you realize they all sort of say the same thing, and there’s not much substance behind them to get you going.  I love that Meg Jay relies on psychology more than purely emotional arguments to make her points – although her stories about past clients like Emma certainly will make you think and relate.  Even if you’re not a twentysomething, this TED Talk is a great reminder about making the most of the present instead of waiting around for the future.  It’s a lesson I need to relearn myself, honestly.

Need some inspiration? (Alternately: Want to cry really hard?)

Watch this mini-documentary from SoulPancake (Rainn Wilson’s website!) about Zach Sobiech, a 17-year old kid who lost his battle with cancer two days ago.  I promise, it’s well-worth the twenty minutes.  This guy’s composure and purpose during his last few months of life are nothing short of miraculous, and his wisdom is beyond his years.  I think there’s probably a take-away for everyone in here.  If nothing else, it has sure put my own problems and stressors in perspective these past few days.  If he has such a good and selfless attitude while facing his own premature death, what excuse do the rest of us have for road rage?

“It’s really simple, actually.  It’s just… try and make people happy.  Maybe you have to learn it with time, maybe you have to learn it the hard way.  But as long as you learn it, you’re gonna make the world a better place.”

Need a little lightness after that?

Watch this cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Walk Off the Earth.  The video concept is so simple but so cool.  It’s just happy.  And this song always makes me think of 10 Things I Hate About You.  Such a 90s staple.

So there’s your food for thought.  It’s still kind of early so just think of it as breakfast in bed.  Thanks, Facebook friends!

What’s inspiring you lately?  Any good YouTube covers out there?

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